One Hour Trek

Our one hour trek consists of a ride out towards the silversands of Morar along a lovely country road bursting with beautiful scenery and wildlife of all shapes and sizes. From there we venture down onto the beach where you can take in the amazing views as far as the eye can see, with glistening blue waters and long expanses of sandy beaches that sparkle with such eyecatching beauty. You can choose to go at a quiet slow pace with your horse and admire your surroundings or you can have the wonderful experience ride where we will gracefully canter through the shallows and on the magnificent soft sands of the beach. After you have had your fill of excitement on the beach we shall ride over grass and sand dunes that border the beach at make our way through a beautiful tree lined path that will lead us back to the road where we will make our way back leisurely beholding the beauty of rural Scotland.

Two Hour Trek

Our two hour trek consists of riding our way along the beautiful country roads towards the small village of Morar, from here we will make our way along side the majestic river Morar, this shall lead us to ride into the exquisite open moors of Morar where we will make our way over grassland to a stunning view point in which you can admire the divine and breathtaking views over Loch Morar, with it’s sharp and jagged but ever so elegant surrounding hills that will leave you speechless. We shall then continue onwards in the direction we came from, back through the quaint roads in which we travelled before, leading us to the astounding Silversands of Morar, it is here that the waters sparkle as the light catches every wave as it rolls majestically onto the glistening sands of a sensational beach. This is where we shall admire the surrounding beauty as we peacefully make our way along the soft and luxurious sands. For those who chose to have our experience ride it is here that we will elegantly canter through the shallows and along the ever lasting expanse of the beach. After this we make our way back along towards our horses loving home.

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